When you really needs the archived data analysis on the web...

Website analysis is the key to more profits online. What a lot of people who hope to make a living on the Internet do is throw up a site and hope it sells. They use a "hit or miss" approach. More often than not they miss. You see, it's really not enough to have a great looking site. The big question is... "Does the site actually sell?"

How do you tell? The answer is simple. You set up tracking software and perform some simple website analysis. For instance, in the offline world one of the tried and true methods of improving response is to do an "A/B Split Test". You take 1,000 names and mail 500 of them one version of your sales message. The other 500 get the same message except for one change. Maybe you put a different headline in the second batch of letters. Maybe you offer a different price. Whatever the key is to make only one change and then compare the results. Usually, one mailing will out pull the other. You can do the same thing online. Actually, with modern technology, it's even easier. By using tracking and testing software you can rotate headlines, prices, offers and whatever else you want. Then you do a little a website dedicated to free charts and analysis to see which headline, price, offer, etc. gives you the best response. As you tweak each element of your site, you improve sales little by little.

Free and Innovative Website Analytics Tools

Many people think of free web analytics in terms of Google Analytics, well, this is understandable given the big name that Google is. Unknown too many, there are numerous web analytics tools out there that are free and very innovative. These web statistics tools measure everything from real-time visitor tracking, to search engine traffic and user behaviour. In this article I bring you 10 such tools.